Entrepreneur Awaken Mastermind

Predictably Grow Your Business By Growing Yourself

A 12-month Mastermind For Spiritual And Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs


This is a 12-month Mastermind that:

Focuses on helping spiritual and mission-driven entrepreneurs grow their businesses

Uses Accelerated Evolution Processes that can eliminate almost any emotional knot, mental block or limiting belief quickly, fully and often permanently

Reprograms your subconscious mind, uplevels your identity and accelerates your spiritual evolution with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs

Results in increased levels of income, impact, internal freedom, deep meaning and work-life balance

Includes a powerful 8-week self guided video course, live group coaching calls, community, accountability and support



The Entrepreneur Awaken mastermind is designed for spiritual and mission-driven entrepreneurs who have already achieved proof of concept and who are committed to growing their income and impact while creating their dream life. It’s for people who desire to build their business with one foot in the material world and one foot in the metaphysical. 

What Will It Help You Achieve?

  • Remove the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  • Uplevel your identity and become the person you need to be to own your dream business
  • Scale while staying aligned with your core values and deepest purpose
  • Achieve your goals in all areas of life with ease and flow
  • Increase your level of impact, freedom, meaning and balance 


We meet many entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses through passion, expertise and a lot of hard work, but struggle to grow further due to limiting beliefs and internal blocks that keep them in a pattern of self sabotage or at least from reaching their full potential. This program follows a proven process to quickly, deeply and often permanently remove these blocks so you can achieve what you want with freedom, ease and flow.

How does it work?

This is a 12-month mastermind that includes a self-paced 8-week online video course, live group coaching calls, community, accountability and support. You will watch the videos, complete the action steps & implementation using the provided tools & templates and attend live calls. You are expected to devote up to 5 hours per week to the program.

When does it start?

The Foundation mastermind is designed so you can join at any time. The program includes 3 live group coaching calls per month. Calls will be 2 hours long and will take place from 10:00am-12:00 Noon PST on Wednesdays. All calls will be recorded in case you need to miss any.

How Do You Get Started?

If you’re an entrepreneur who has already achieved proof of concept and are looking to grow your income and impact, while creating more freedom, balance and meaning in your life – Click the “Apply Now” button below to schedule your discovery session and complete the application form. Jared will meet you on Zoom to see if The program is a good fit.

Full Money Back Guarantee:

We are so confident you will have an amazing experience that if you don’t feel that enough value was created within the first 60 days we offer a full money back guarantee. All we ask is that you complete the online course in full, attend the coaching calls and give it an honest effort.  


Working with Jared has definitely been one of the biggest turning points for our company so far. We’d previously hit a wall. We wanted to scale, but didn’t know how. At the time, my partner and I were doing all the work ourselves and we were feeling stuck. Since then everything has changed beyond what we could have expected. We doubled our sales within one year, while more than tripling the size of our full-time team. More importantly, Jared didn’t just help us improve our numbers, he also helped us develop the business and leadership mindset that allowed us to scale the company, while also creating more balance in our lives. I’ve gone from feeling burnt out to now running a million dollar business, working significantly less hours per week. If you’re looking to grow your company, while creating a better work-life balance at the same time, then working with Jared should be a no brainer.

Alex Konyves
Founder, Snap Call Media

When I hired Jared as my business coach I was feeling burnt out and in a sales slump of averaging around $3,500 per month over the previous 4 months. Within the first 30 days of working with Jared I closed $25,000 in sales and now in my second month I just closed another $18,000 over the past 2 weeks. My client engagement has also improved and I feel much more inspired to take action on a daily basis. I’m no longer getting stuck in procrastination and I’m believing in myself again. The Accelerated Evolution modality that Jared uses in tandem with business coaching truly works like magic. It’s changed my life and not just with my business, but also in my relationship with myself and others. He uses deep processes to shift your mindset and emotional state, and it’s amazing how it seems like things just fall into place over the next few days. I was seriously surprised by how fast these processes have worked for me. I’ve worked with several other coaches in the past and this is one of the fastest transformation I’ve ever experienced!

Lindsey Marie Barber
Founder of Lindsey Marie Coaching

Jared is the best business coach I have ever had. His coaching and his methods are extremely well-rounded. He focuses on you as the business owner, your mission and the growth and health of your business. At the time of writing this recommendation I have had four sessions with him. What he has been able to accomplish with me is a complete transformation of trust that I have for myself, a clear and concise breakdown of my mission, values, tracking systems, metrics, budget, 5 year, 1 year, quarterly, monthly and day to day goals, and helped me in hiring and onboarding my first employee. And I mean deep dive y’all. It’s not like I had none of these things and we started from ground zero. I have built a successful 6 figure business by myself and Jared came in and leveled it up significantly. His passion is with mission driven businesses. Not only is he invested in having my business grow by helping me hit my metrics, he is committed that every aspect of my business be touched and driven by my mission. I cannot sing his praises enough. If you are looking for a business coach who is committed to you, your business and your mission in the world all thriving, Jared is your guy.
Elizabeth Cunningham Founder, Elizabeth Ann Cunningham Love Coaching



Email: jared@entrepreneurawaken.com


Email: jared@entrepreneurawaken.com