Working with Jared has definitely been one of the biggest turning points for our company so far. We’d previously hit a wall. We wanted to scale, but didn’t know how. At the time, my partner and I were doing all the work ourselves and we were feeling stuck. Since then everything has changed beyond what we could have expected. We doubled our sales within one year, while more than tripling the size of our full-time team. More importantly, Jared didn’t just help us improve our numbers, he also helped us develop the business and leadership mindset that allowed us to scale the company, while also creating more balance in our lives. I’ve gone from feeling burnt out to now running a million dollar business, working significantly less hours per week. If you’re looking to grow your company, while creating a better work-life balance at the same time, then working with Jared should be a no brainer.

Alex Konyves
Founder, Snap Call Media

When I hired Jared as my business coach I was feeling burnt out and in a sales slump of averaging around $3,500 per month over the previous 4 months. Within the first 30 days of working with Jared I closed $25,000 in sales and now in my second month I just closed another $18,000 over the past 2 weeks. My client engagement has also improved and I feel much more inspired to take action on a daily basis. I’m no longer getting stuck in procrastination and I’m believing in myself again. The Accelerated Evolution modality that Jared uses in tandem with business coaching truly works like magic. It’s changed my life and not just with my business, but also in my relationship with myself and others. He uses deep processes to shift your mindset and emotional state, and it’s amazing how it seems like things just fall into place over the next few days. I was seriously surprised by how fast these processes have worked for me. I’ve worked with several other coaches in the past and this is one of the fastest transformation I’ve ever experienced!

Lindsey Marie Barber
Founder of Lindsey Marie Coaching

Jared is the best business coach I have ever had. His coaching and his methods are extremely well-rounded. He focuses on you as the business owner, your mission and the growth and health of your business. At the time of writing this recommendation I have had four sessions with him. What he has been able to accomplish with me is a complete transformation of trust that I have for myself, a clear and concise breakdown of my mission, values, tracking systems, metrics, budget, 5 year, 1 year, quarterly, monthly and day to day goals, and helped me in hiring and onboarding my first employee. And I mean deep dive y’all. It’s not like I had none of these things and we started from ground zero. I have built a successful 6 figure business by myself and Jared came in and leveled it up significantly. His passion is with mission driven businesses. Not only is he invested in having my business grow by helping me hit my metrics, he is committed that every aspect of my business be touched and driven by my mission. I cannot sing his praises enough. If you are looking for a business coach who is committed to you, your business and your mission in the world all thriving, Jared is your guy.
Elizabeth Cunningham Founder, Elizabeth Ann Cunningham Love Coaching
Having Jared coach our Sales Development Reps helped significantly increase the team’s results and in a short time span saw consistent demos being booked and pipeline being built which made our business much more predictable. During the time Jared was contracting for us he supported us in increasing our monthly recurring revenue, he spearheaded entering an entirely new submarket for us and helped us set up a tentative partnership discussion with Tim Hortons which if it goes through will be one of the biggest partnerships in the history of our company. I was impressed by the rigorous discipline that was displayed and the level of organization that Jared brought to the SDR team. For example, he implemented a rhythm of group and 1on1 touchpoints, training and coaching systems, goal setting and accountability, etc which was game-changing for the success of the team. He showed our leadership team the importance of having proper training and coaching systems in place and proved that an outbound SDR team can be predictable and scalable which we’ve since been able to double down on. I had a lot of fun working with Jared and he was a valuable addition to our team!
Tina Lum Founder, Push Operations
I have worked with Jared for a couple of months now and I keep being impressed by the depth of the sessions. It has happened many times that I can’t remember the actual problem that we worked on in the last session, simply because the problem doesn’t exist at all anymore! Every session feels like an uplevel where I completely release any emotional charge that I was carrying around a certain situation, allowing me to reach my goals faster. Since working with Jared I feel more centred, grounded, and peaceful. I have let go of quite a few limiting patterns and manifested remarkable things (new clients, new house, new opportunities) that are finally coming into my life. In rapid speed.  I would recommend everyone to work with Jared and experience it for themselves.
Susan Anna Founder, Susan Anna Nijsingh International
I really like how Jared is a unique blend between business coach and life coach, with a background in sales. He can help you with technical aspects of business, support with strategy and provide accountability, but what’s even more important is the subtle energy work that he provides to uplevel your inner game, so you can create the life you desire. Prior to hiring Jared my beliefs and limitations were stopping me from doing what I wanted to do in my business. I wasn’t reaching out to prospects or asking for the sale, so my income wasn’t consistent nor was it enough. Since working with Jared I’m now taking consistent action around outreach, networking and making myself visible and I recently sold out a retreat that I’d been trying to put together for a year. It’s incredible how powerful the simple exercises he facilitates are and how we could take something super heavy with emotional charge and diffuse it in such a short period of time. Jared’s definitely the right coach to work with if you’re willing to do the inner work and build the necessary business systems so you can scale your business while operating from your own deepest integrity.
Tosh Patterson Founder, The Pleasure Lab
I really love how Jared merges business acumen with deep subconscious work, which is a combination that is hard to find and highly desirable. Before working with Jared I was lacking confidence in how to move forward with my business and now after just 4 sessions I feel like I know what I need to do to really “own” and run my business. I have clear objectives, goals and action steps, as well as a defined vision and core values. My biggest emotional barriers have been removed and I’ve shifted the way I show up in my business. The accountability and business tools that Jared provides have also been invaluable in supporting me with the execution side of things, which isn’t always my strong suit. I’m not procrastinating as much and I’ve doubled the amount of marketing content I’m creating each week. Working with Jared has been an amazing experience and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who has found a level of success in business who may have plateaued or is just looking to take things to the next level!
Amanda Monk Founder, Amanda Monk Coaching
When I started working with Jared I was a completely new business owner and didn’t know where to begin. I was getting stuck in the feeling of overwhelm and I wasn’t taking action which was costing me a lot of time, potential clients and money. Jared helped me work through some key emotional blocks and limiting beliefs which has made everything seem so much easier. For example, after struggling for 6 months to get any of my content ideas out of my head, I’ve created 20 scripted videos over the past month. I learned so much in my 4 sessions with Jared. Between developing my strategic plan, creating my elevator pitch and experiencing all the different processes we did I am so much more clear and confident with my business. Where before it felt like I was travelling down a dirt path now I feel like I have a clearly defined road to follow. Jared was very professional, understanding and kind. I would recommend working with him to anyone who’s looking to uplevel both their business and themselves.
Tyler Rohm Founder, Arete Innovations LLC
Jared holds a powerful non-judgemental presence and has held impeccable space for me to grow into my greatness. When I started working with him I was feeling fear and overwhelm around starting a new business and felt really blocked around money. In my first session, Jared supported me in breaking through some really deep emotional blocks and limiting beliefs around money and business. A month later, I now have clarity on what I do and who I serve, a clear offer and elevator pitch, and my enrollment calls have greatly improved. My relationship with money has totally shifted and it feels totally doable to attract my ideal clients. I also found the strength to quit a job that was very unhealthy for me, which has allowed me the space to create even more momentum in my business. Jared brought so many surprises including providing me with a powerful Daoist Yi Jing reading that was profound for me and has led to more closeness with my romantic partner and a more nurturing relationship with myself. I could see someone benefiting greatly from Jared’s coaching at any stage of business.
Fauna Gold Founder, Aptus Alchemy
Working with Jared was exactly what I needed. When I met him I had no idea how to start a business and I had some major blocks around money. What impressed me the most was Jared’s ability to quickly and effectively identify and clear mental and emotional blocks. He helped me clear the shame I felt around wealth and prosperity that was causing stagnation in my financial flow. Jared’s business experience was also invaluable. He helped me build my business plan and narrow down my niche, so now I have clarity on how to move forward. Jared was very straightforward, down to earth and a pleasure to work with. I’d highly recommend him as a business coach!
Linda Pannell Founder, Rising Flame Coaching
Working with Jared was a really positive experience. When we started working together I was in the process of redesigning my coaching business and I felt stuck. Although I’m extremely confident in my ability as a coach, I was unsure of the next steps to move my business forward. After 4 sessions with Jared I gained clarity around my next steps and my business now feels much more aligned with myself and much more doable! Jared provided the perfect balance of helping me work through internal blocks and barriers, while also providing practical business knowledge and strategy. I really appreciated his overall level of support, steadiness, and ability to hold space.
Sarah Michelle Founder, Sarah Michelle Somatics